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Spotlight: The Portable Baptistry™

The contemporary trend towards multipurpose and non-traditional worship facilities and the rapid growth of portable churches often result in an unintended circumstance: the unavailability of a baptismal pool. For some churches, the inconvenience of taking the congregation to a different location for baptisms causes the ordinance of baptism to become a semi-regular function, rather than a regular worship event.

Enter the Portable Baptistry™, a truly portable answer to today's need for baptism in any kind of worship facility. We recently spoke with, about their innovative product, the Portable Baptistry™ and to get a sense of the company's mission.

What was the inspiration behind the Portable Baptistry™?
The importance of baptism. Whether using the Portable Baptistry, the church down the street, the local lake or river, a chilly swimming pool like for me when I was 16, or even a cattle trough, it doesn't matter--just "Be baptized!"

The Portable Baptistry fills an immense need in today's church--the need to obey Jesus and galvanize people's faith now, especially new believers, with the experience of full-immersion baptism, and not waiting until it's more convenient. The Portable Baptistry helps make this happen, first, by being truly portable; and second, by being truly accommodating.

Explain how your baptistry is both portable and accommodating.
The Portable Baptistry is designed for up to three people: the pastor, the candidate, and a helper--ideally a family member--for traditional, standing, full immersion, as if you were in a lake. But it's so portable, one person can set it up in minutes indoors, outdoors, upstairs, downstairs, or wherever and whenever you want. What makes this possible is its patented, sectional structure that makes it easy to set up, take down, and store away in lightweight sections. Thus, the Portable Baptistry™ is truly portable.

Explain the setup (and takedown).
First, no tools are needed. One pin holds the sectional structure together, and covering it all is a form-fit, thick, vinyl liner. Filling the Portable Baptistry from a garden hose normally takes less than an hour. After the service, drop the included submersible pump in the water, plug it in, and the baptistry drains automatically in about an hour. Towel it dry, take it down, and compactly stack the sections away (maybe in a nearby closet). It's that simple. Click to see setup and teardown photos. The Portable Baptistry Video, available free upon request, shows all this very well.

Is the Portable Baptistry aesthetically appealing?
The Portable Baptistry is not just appealing, it is inviting. The whole thing is designed to look and feel like a one-piece, semi-installed baptistry. And because it is round it has a uniquely contemporary feel to it. Pastors even tell me that when they set it up in front of the congregation it actually seems to draw everyone into the candidate's experience, with a real sense of participation. Quite powerful.

You mentioned a pump to drain the Portable Baptistry™. What else is included?
Every Portable Baptistry is sold as a complete kit, meaning that the basics, like entry steps, a thermal cover, and a pump to drain it are included. Pastors can start baptizing the day it arrives, if they want. Additionally, we have a complete line of accessories to further complement the Portable Baptistry like floating thermometers, filters, sanitizer kits, handrails, baptistry heaters, and splashguards, as well as decorative accents like planters with floral arrangements and moveable architectural columns to add an extra dynamic touch to everything.

How can a church purchase the Portable Baptistry™?
Orders are processed by phone (or fax) and through our website at: They are filled the same day and lead times for delivery to your door average a few days to a week in the United States and Canada. We hope the prompt availability of the Portable Baptistry both nationally and internationally, makes the power of baptism readily accessible to everyone so it can once again be a regular (and lively) part of every church’s worship.

Reviews and Testimonials

  • Fantastic product! Worth every nickel of the price! We received our order quickly and in great condition.

  • We were so pleased with the ease of setting up the baptismal Church pool. The baptismal service was wonderful, with our church family gathered all around the pool. We baptized 21 people at our first baptismal service in our new location.

  • We so appreciated your good customer service - answering all our questions and your help with our acquiring what was needed to heat the baptistry for next year. There were five people that were baptized on Easter...

  • We have been very pleased with our Portable Baptistry. It's a wonderful product!

  • We love our Portable Baptistry. It's absolutely perfect for our needs and three persons fit very comfortable. All of your advertising claims down to one cup of water being left in pool after drainage is true. Would you believe we have no complaints. And we are picky (smile).

  • The Portable Baptistry works just as we hoped it would!

  • The Portable Baptistry is a really nice quality device. We immediately got it up and running so by Sunday morning It should be fine. This is top quality merchandise and it is a real pleasure doing business with such a nice business! Judy did such a professional job of handling our order. Just want you to know that we surely appreciate doing business with you!


Copyright © 2004 by the author or Christianity Today, Inc./Your Church magazine. November/December 2004, Vol. 50, No. 6, Page 57


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